We came to Southwestern Idaho from Bermuda. I had been on that island, a British territory, for almost twelve years, and it was a very productive time of life. We knew we could not stay forever and we had been waiting for the Lord to provide the time and the place.  We never could have imagined such a great place as the one to which He brought us. We have snow. We have animals. We live in the country just outside the city limits.  We are blessed. And this is where the next phase of life has begun.


My Interview at the Humans of Gestalt Project

Here you will find my interview at the Humans of Gestalt Project.  

What's In It

This interview covers my personal life and values, including how I came to the most releveant thing about me–that I know God through the disclosing work of the Holy Spirit, and that I am a child of God by the power of Jesus to save me. Beyond that I talk about how I became exposed to gestalt therapy, became a gestalt therapist, and my contributions to the field of gestalt therapy, including the origins of the gestalt therapy research conferences.

An Interview in the Humans of Gestalt Project

My Current and Most Recent Book

This is a true integration of Christian theology and the theoretical base of contemporary gestalt therapy.  It is written and offered so that gestalt therapists might become more informed about the life worlds of their Christian clients and so that Christian counselors might glimpse a clinical perspective that could be utilized to facilitate working with their clients. It describes phenomenological and theological constructs, and it addresses field theory, including clinical atmospherics and both the psychological and spiritual attitudes relevant to immanence and transcendence, enchantment, and the immanent frame. These are not “easy” issues; so, I have included poetry and short stories to make it all more user friendly. This book reflects my fifty-year journey in working with people as a Navy Corpsman and Neuropsychiatric technician, line staff in residential treamtent, mental health therapist, seminary trained and ordained pastor, doctoral graduate of an APA accredited program in clinical psychology, fully trained gestalt psychotherapist, writer, conference presenter, trainer, and founding member of the international gestalt therapy research conference and the growing gestalt therapy research tradition.