I remember when evangelical Christians used to vote for people they thought were also Christians.  I imagine many still do.  But then often there is not a clear choice between a Christian and a non-Christian; so, then you have to just vote for the person you think might do the best job.

There was a time when Christians would look for a Christian plumber when they need the pipes fixed or a Christian electrician to fix the wiring.  But often those people did not do good work; so, Christians wised up.  They started looking for people they believed might do work whether they were Christians or not.

Enter the age of Trump. I don’t believe many Christians believe he is a role model for their children.  I also think many people cringe at some of the things he says or does.  However, I also think they may have voted for him because they believed he would do what needed to be done.  He would tear up the politics-as-usual playbook.  He would appoint conservative judges.  He would get the economy running at a higher level.  He would reverse the dismal foreign policy of those who preceded him, from both parties. And more.

My friends on the progressive side of politics cannot understand how Christian people can support someone whose business practices and life in the private sector for many years seem littered with moral failures.  Without getting into the facticity of various claims, Donald Trump is commonly regarded to be a slick businessman with a history of dalliance and a narcissistic style in relating to other people.  They think Christians who support Trump are acting in bad faith, but I suspect that is not the case.  I imagine the faith Christians place in Trump is not that he will prove to be a Christian but that he will prove to have done a good job and gotten things accomplished.

Sometimes God appoints a Nebuchadnezzar to rip things up or a Cyrus to build things up. I suspect that the evangelical church regards Trump to be in their company–simply a tool in the hand of God.